Dolce Vita Panzió Miskolc

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The Dolce Vita Restaurant and Pension is located at Déryné street in the historical downtown of Miskolc. With the recently renovated building fronts Déryné street is the most popular place in Miskolc. In 1823 the first stone theater of Hungary was built here, supplemented with an open-air and a chamber theater 80 years later. In rememberance of the famous actress Déryné the city opened a Theater and Actress Museum in 1996 here. From this street opens the 19th century built Synagoge which is a special art relic. The end of the street runs into to Hősök square, where the 18th century Minorita Monastic quarters and a baroque church stands. Next to the church stands the Földes Ferenc secondary school. The other side of the square is the home of the Posta Palace, Berzeviczy Gergely Commercial School and the Hungarian National Bank. Déryné street and Hősök square are the most frequented places during the summertime festivals.

The first owner of the current building of Dolce Vita Restaurant and Pension was Endre Latabár (1811-1873), founder of the greatest Hungarian actor dynasties. The historical environment, the theater life and the highly popular Opera Festival gave us the idea to rejuvenate this beautiful building for the pleasure of our dear guests.

Mr. Jenő Freund

Mrs. Jenő Freund